2015 Charlotte Bohn Charm City Strongwoman Memorial Contest Results

I am putting together a full review of the contest this week and waiting patiently for the video of the contest once our awesome videographer Brady Anderson is done….. but for now, THE RESULTS!!!! I know how anxious you all are to see where you placed and I appreciate your patience!!! So without further ado…..

Strongwoman2 275 copy
Lightweight Novice Winners!

Lightweight Novice Division Winners

1. Christina Tyrrell
2. Sindi Eyler
3. Jeanette Bruegger

Strongwoman2 278
Heavyweight Novice Winners!

Heavyweight Novice Division Winners

1. Zee Perez
2. BreAnn Kathman
3. Rebecca Foster

Strongwoman2 295 copy
Lightweight Open Winners!

Lightweight Open Division Winners

1. Kelly Adams
2. Keri Halderman
3. Jennifer DeLuca


Strongwoman2 305 copy
Heavyweight Open Winners!

Heavyweight Open Division Winners

1. Meg Ayers
2. Linden Reed
3. Katie O’Connor

Strongwoman 054 copy
2015 Charm City Strongwomen!!!

Here are the score sheets for all divisions!!! Well done ladies!!!! Well done!! 

Lightweight Novice Division 

Heavyweight Novice Division

Lightweight Open Division

Heavyweight Open Division

If you would like individual event numbers or times, please email me at emily@fivex3.com. Thanks!!!

Photography by Gary Godbey.  Thank you Gary!!!

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