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2024 Rates

Not a member yet? Please read how to get started as a member under the Membership 2024 page of our website.

Membership Rates:

*Unlimited monthly membership for Barbell Coaching

*Unlimited Basic Training (Boot Camp) Class

(Please contact us for more information about our membership options.)

Family discount

33% off each additional member

Introductory Four On-Boarding sessions & Membership

Please contact us for more information.

Private Coaching 60 minute session


10 Private Coaching Sessions


Private Coaching 60 minute session for two


10 Private Coaching Sessions for two


Starting Strength Clinic


Starting Strength Clinic for two


Private Coaching once a week


Private Coaching twice a week


Private Coaching three times a week


Private Coaching four times a week


Drop in fee


Membership Information – Contact us for more information about our membership rates.

If you need to cancel a personal coaching session, please give us 24 hours notice. If you do not give us 24 hours notice, you will forfeit that session. Our coaches are paid for their time and it is unprofessional to cancel the day of your session. Please make sure to give us enough notice ahead of time so you do not lose your session.

If you need to cancel your membership, please give us at 2 weeks written notice. You should email your cancellation request to

Effective January 1, 2023, if you wish to suspend your membership, you may do so for up to three months during your membership. There is a $30 charge to suspend your membership.

Family membership requires that all members reside at the same home address.

Please contact us at if you would like to drop in for training. Drop in fee is $30.


I can’t wait!

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