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the best way to get strong

What is the best way to get strong?

We can strength train. And while strength training may not erase wrinkles or prevent gray hair, it can help us, it can help us experience a significantly improved quality of life.

Why barbells?

Barbells are the only tool that allows us to load the body and focus on natural human movement patterns instead of individual muscles, joints and muscle groups. 
Barbells are extremely doseable.

Barbells allow us to focus our resistance training on movement patterns instead of muscles. 

Barbells allow us to train the entire musculoskeletal system. With just four exercises, we can improve strength, mobility and balance and reverse the atrophy of muscle and bone and we can combat the challenges of aging.

Barbell exercises train normal human movements

The exercises we use are simple movements. Most importantly, they are normal human movement patterns that we do every single day:

Sit Down / Stand Up

Reach Overhead

Push / Pull Something

Carry Something

Pick something up off the floor

Why we like training with barbells

What are the Four Barbell Lifts we teach?





How often do you need to train?

So, why is strength training important as we age?

Most importantly, strength training is important for ALL ages and barbells can be used by EVERYONE.

Think you can do this?


I can’t wait!

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