Fivex3 Training Specialty Workshop w/Shauna Harrison

A Fivex3 Training Specialty Workshop
To benefit the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation

Sunday, October 30, 2011

After the resounding success of our Strongman Clinic this past August, we are pleased to announce our second specialty workshop. We are very excited that Shauna Harrison, of Equinox Fitness, as well as Be Yoga, Xplore Yoga and the The Yoga Studio, in the San Francisco Bay area, will be joining us for a special class. Shauna is a former Baltimore resident, as well as a dynamic and creative fitness professional. For years, her Hip-Hop CycleTM classes were known as one of the most challenging hours of exercise to be found in the area.

Shauna was originally introduced to yoga as a way of combatting stress and anxiety as an undergraduate student, and she continued to utilize her time on the mat as a way of keeping her sane throughout almost 8 years of graduate school. Two masters and a PhD later, yoga had secured a permanent place in her life right along with fitness and sports and Shauna finally had time to dedicate to a teacher-training program. In March 2011, Shauna completed her 200-hour training at the renowned White Lotus Foundation, studying under the amazing Ganga White and Tracey Rich. A few months later she also completed the Level 1 Unnata Aerial Yoga Training with Pik Chu Wong. Shauna uses her varied background to fuse styles, philosophies and principles into strong, athletic, and fluid classes set to bold (usually hip hop and R&B) beats.

In order to give you a complete training experience, we decided to pair Shauna’s class with one of our very own Basic Training classes, to be led by Emily Socolinsky, owner and head coach at Fivex3 Training. Emily is a certified Starting Strength Coach, AFAA certified, USA Weightlifting certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, and cycle certified through Madd Dogg Athletics. Emily holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Emily has been active as a professional dancer and teacher for over 16 years.
This specialty workshop will be held as a benefit for the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation, a local charity dedicated to colon cancer prevention, support and treatment. Its efforts are focused on educating people of all ages, encouraging prevention and increasing screenings, in order to prevent unnecessary suffering and deaths from colon cancer. You can find out more about them at Half the proceeds from this workshop will go to this worthy cause. If you cannot make the workshop but would still like to donate, please visit their website.

DATE:             Sunday, October 30th

TIME:              10:00am – 12:30pm

LOCATION:   Fivex3 Training
1400 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21231


10:00-11:15 am. Muscle & Flow with special guest Shauna Harrison

This class will take traditional Vinyasa flow and give it some edge. The concept of ‘flow’ in yoga is about linking breath to movement, creating a moving, mindful meditation. At the same time, ‘flow’ in musical terms is about connecting rhythms to rhymes creating a lyrical cadence, often over a strong beat. Here, we give your flow a little flow and put some bass in your chakra. You’ll balance strength with flexibility, power with fluidity, and focus with adaptability; and you’ll do it all to hot tracks and dope beats. Come challenge your body, mind, assumptions and convention all at the same time.

11:30-12:30pm. Basic Training with Emily Socolinsky, owner of Fivex3 Training

This is a total body class for all fitness levels. It focuses on building strength, mobility and flexibility through a combination of bodyweight and loaded exercises and allows for continuous progression from beginner to advanced. Exercises such as squats, push ups, rows, deadlifts and isometric work such as planks are the backbone of this class. Basic Training will challenge participants on many levels while always keeping the focus on proper technique. A great class for those looking to get more out of their current training or for the beginner looking to get stronger and move better.

REFRESHMENTS:    Courtesy of Teavolve Cafe and Lounge

FEE:                                $20 for both classes.

Half the proceeds to benefit the Susan Cohan Colon Foundation

CONTACT:                    Emily Socolinsky 410-205-9254

Space is limited to 15 people. Do not delay!  Call to register and reserve your space: 410-205-9254

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