Get Down and Get Up. You should know how to do it. It could save your life.

Getting up. In her own way.

Lie down. And get up. Every day.

We do a lot of getting up and down here at Fivex3 Training. It’s just routine by now. We don’t really think about this too often, but being able to get down and get up is a very important skill for health and longevity.

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with many lifters aged 60 and up. Getting down to the floor and getting back up is a drill we take very seriously. We work on it with some clients each time they come in to train. The three women in the video below have different backgrounds and issues, as most older trainees do. The first one is 58 years old and has suffered from cerebral palsy her entire life. She began strength training with us once a week at the end of August, 2018. On day one, we started to work on getting down to the floor. The video shows her progression from session two to session fourteen. The second master athlete is 82 years old and had a knee replacement a year ago. She is the mother of one of my regular clients. This is only the second time I have had the pleasure of working with her, as she lives in Boston. 😉 The third lifter is 78 years old and began training with us when she was 76. Her first day with me, she had no clue how to get down to the floor. It had never even crossed her mind that this was something she should be able to do. 😉 So we worked on it. Every session. A year and a half later, she is stronger and more confident, and getting down to the floor and getting back up is now part of her daily routine.

Looks simple, right? Then they try it. Not that easy, is it?  If you struggle to get off the floor in any position, learning how to get down and get up is a must.  “Lie Down and Get Up” isn’t just an exercise or a drill. It is a skill for life.

2 thoughts on “Get Down and Get Up. You should know how to do it. It could save your life.”

  1. This is very good material and I plan to implement this with my new class for Seniors starting in January at Norman Strength in Norman Okla. It is simple yet effective movements that allow Seniors to slowly grasp and improve their skill levels and strength over time. I have worked with Seniors in the past but since it has been a few years so this was a great video and resource I will be using. I appreciate your sharing this with the strength community.

    1. Awesome, Gary!! Thank you for your comment. 😉 I am glad you enjoyed the video. Please let me know how this works with your senior class. Video if you can!

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