Our client, Jan: Age is only a Number

Jan is my she-hero. Here’s why she should be yours too.

“Because of strength training, I am increasingly convinced that ‘aging’ is a result of reduced movement which results in the loss of strength and, ultimately, health. I think the decrease in physical activity sends a message to the body to begin its decline into a sedentary, less healthy, and physically engaged life. I also understand that continuing to be active, especially to choose to strength train, is a rather radical notion, especially for women over 50. But riding a bike and playing tennis or soccer, were also once considered activities for women that were ‘out of bounds.’ Strength training is just a new boundary to cross that has surprisingly pleasant life, health and longevity-enhancing results. Be strong!” –Jan

Read the article below to learn more about this amazing woman who will turn 72 years old tomorrow.

Jan vs. A Car – Starting Strength 








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