How a Girl Trains

I am a woman. I own a strength and conditioning facility. So, the subject of “working out” often comes up in conversation. People want to know what they should do to look and feel better. My answer is always some variation on: do your mobility work, lift heavy weights, and do some short, hard conditioning. When I say this, women invariably get suspicious, and start telling me that they “put on muscle really easily” and they “don’t want to bulk up.”  They have a hard time believing that heavy lifting leads to a lean and strong body.  Instead, they think that by lifting heavy weights, they will become big and bulky.  Well, I decided to video my training session today, so I can share it with you.  This is my typical Sunday session.  It focuses primarily on hip extension movements: deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, glute bridges.  I will post videos of my other weekly training sessions another day.

For those of you who think this kind of training makes you big and bulky, here is a recent picture of me:


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