My review of the Perform Better Seminar – Saturday, April 30, 2011

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to get together with about 200  like-minded individuals, people who think just like you, who want to learn and grow as trainers, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, people who are interested in corrective exercise, mobility work, the latest foam rolling technique and how to make an impact in their client’s lives, look no further than Perform Better’s One Day Learn-by-Doing Seminar.


This past Saturday, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend this seminar. I knew something about each of the speakers, having read their work and enjoyed what I had read, so I figured it would be a good way to listen to some lectures on corrective work, maybe learn some new exercises and meet some people. Little did I know just how “good” it really was going to be. From the time we registered at 7:45am and sat down for the first lecture to the final plank variation at 3:30pm, it was non-stop information and non-stop fun.

The first lecture, Corrective Movement Strategies by Lee Burton, Program Director for Athletic Training at Averett University and co-founder of the Functional Movement Screen, began right on the dot at
8:00am, followed by Mike Boyle’s presentation on Success Secrets after a 5-10 minute break. Todd Durkin, strength coach, personal trainer and motivational speaker and founder of Fitness Quest in San Diego, spoke about Creating Maximum I.M.P.A.C.T in the fitness field. The final presenter, Alywn Cosgrove, owner of Results Fitness Training and author of New Rules for Lifting and New Rules for Lifting for Women wrapped up the final lecture on Fat Loss Programming and Coaching before lunch.  Each lecturer, a professional in his field, was personable, funny and extremely informative. Although each was only given an hour for his lecture, I could have listened to them talk for hours.  In fact, if I had to “complain” about one thing, it was the fact that the lectures were too short.  I was ready for more! So many questions unanswered…I guess I will have to just read their books! 🙂

Lunch ran an hour. The whole day, the wonderful staff of Perform Better were there, selling so many awesome goodies from DVD’s to books by the speakers to fantastic exercise equipment such as bands, ropes, Jam balls, tubing…you name it! We were all like children in a candy shop! Things sold very fast and the staff was incredibly helpful with any questions you might have about a product.


After lunch, we broke into four groups for hands on training. I started with Mike Boyle and went through a series of progressions for one legged training, first beginning with the split squat and then moving on the the hip hinge or one legged deadlift.  We worked with a partner, alternating between coaching and being coached.  A good way to work on demonstrating!

I moved on to Todd Durkin’s group next.  I don’t think I have ever met someone as gung-ho and optimistic as Todd! His presentation was on making an IMPACT in the fitness world – I-Live Inspired   M-Master your Craft    P- Play at World Class   A- Action!  C-Condition for Greatness   T-Be Tenacious.  Truly inspiring.  With Todd, we were presented with a Combine Training Challenge – The IMPACT Challenge.  5 stations. 5 exercises. As many reps as you could do in 60 seconds.  We each had a partner who would keep track of our score and coach us through each exercise, cheering us on and keeping us going. My partner and I started with the TRX station. As many rows as you could do.  Next up was the Jam Ball slams.  I grabbed the 15 pound ball.  BOSU Release pushups followed the slams.  Okay, my arms were burning and my throat was on fire but I was still in the game.  Next in the circuit, heavy rope jump ropes. Finally, my partner and I finished with heavy rope slams.  After 60 slams in 60 seconds, I just laid down on the floor. I was done.  10 minutes of work felt like an hour.  That is some intense cardio right there.






Alywn’s station was next.  Thank goodness they gave us a 10 minute break before we started with this one.  After a brief hello, we are going to work our core today, we all dropped to the floor in plank and proceeded to remain in this position for, no joke, about 5 minutes. Raise one leg, raise and arm and a leg, move to your side plank, raise your top leg, raise your bottom leg, other side, back to the front plank now on to bird dog, hold for 15 seconds, other side, create a smaller base of support. Now grab a partner. Front plank, hold onto the band and row. Now lift a leg. Keep rowing. Side plank. Row again. Lift a leg and row. Swing your top leg and try to touch the band.  Switch.  I had nothing left after this group. Thank goodness my last hands on was with Lee Burton.  Ahhh. Corrective exercises. Stretch. This will feel good.

The day ended around 4pm but there were still plenty of people lingering, talking to the presenters (like me!), browsing the table of Perform Better, taking pictures and talking shop.  What an awesome day.  I only wish they had these once a month.

If you would like to learn more about the Perform Better One Day Training seminars or are interested in learning more about other workshops they offer, visit them at


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