It’s 2022. And yes, actually, the gym DOES matter.

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“These Small Habits Can Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Stepping Foot in the Gym.” PopSugar

“Trying to Lose Weight? This Is How Often You Should Work Out, According to Experts.” PopSugar

For many people, a New Year means time to lose weight.

Dry January. Veganuary. Whole 30. There are plenty of fad diets out there to make you believe that this year is your year to lose weight. And for some, they will lose weight. But what happens at the end of the month? Is this sustainable for you:?

Losing weight isn’t as difficult as we would like to think as long as we follow the biggest rule: Consistency. One month of “Whateverthenewfaddietis” is NOT going to help you develop better eating habits, a good relationship with food or help you find what way of eating suits you best. Consistency is being able to eat the same way month after month after month where weight can be maintained, or for some, gaining or losing weight. The best “diet” that works for you is the one you can maintain. It will become a way of life, not a month.

Why is losing weight such a popular New Year’s Resolution? And why are there so many articles out there telling people to not worry about the gym? While it is true that exercise alone will not help you lose weight, the gym is important to your well being.

Many people who join a gym in the New Year, join out of guilt. They think they “need” to go to the gym because “that’s what people do.” But why? What is your purpose for going to the gym? Do you have a routine? Do you have a program? Will you be able to stay consistent with your program? The gym should not be looked at upon as a chore but a privilege. A place where you can learn to move better, get stronger and feel better. Instead of deciding to “lose weight” this year, why not make a decision to learn how to move better, get stronger, eat better, learn to sleep better and start to work on your body’s 401K. Cause you only get one. No matter what your age. No matter what your background. Strength is always going to help. Choose to get stronger this new year.

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