Charm City Strongwoman 2014 Results

IMG_0088We will be putting together a full review post and video for the contest, but for now we wanted to get the final score sheets out.  We had a small spreadsheet error with the Advanced group which resulted in awarding second and third places to the wrong  competitors.  The top three per group are as follows:

Fun Group

  1. Tracy Pafel
  2. Kerry King-Rahn
  3. Jennifer Killius

IMG_0129Advanced Group:

  1. Paula Butler
  2. Katie Feeley
  3. Diane Pino

Pro-Am Group:

  1. Ada Herbert
  2. Patsy Shaffer
  3. Christine Roche

IMG_0005 2You can download the complete score sheets right here:

Fun group score sheet

Advanced group score sheet

Pro-Am group score sheet

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