It’s finally here!!!! The 3rd Annual Charm City Strongwoman Contest!


It’s here ladies!  The 3rd Annual Charm City Strongwoman Contest! Whoo-hoo! We had such a blast last year, and we know that this year’s contest will be bigger and better than last year’s!!!

Truck Pull 2013

The contest will take place on Sunday, September 14 from 9am  to 5pm. There will be three competition classes: Fun Group (beginner level), Advanced Group (strength train regularly) and Pr0-Amateur Group.

(Please note: The meet directors reserve the right to move you from class to class based on their discretion the day of the event.)

The events for the 2014 contest are as follows:


(Weights subject to change)

1. Weight for Distance: Triple medicine ball overhead toss. Each competitor will stand behind the line and throw three medicine balls for distance within 60 seconds. Each ball will be thrown with two hands. The distances reached by each ball will be added and competitors will be ranked in order of descending total distance. Medicine balls will be three 10lb balls for all groups.

2. Zercher yoke carry: Each competitor will stand behind the line and Zercher carry the yoke 50 feet, put it down and then carry it back to the start within 60 seconds. Competitors will be ranked in ascending order of time and descending order of distance for those who do not complete the course. Fun Group: 175 pounds; Advanced Group: 235 pounds; Pro-Amateur Group: 275 pounds

3. Log clean and press for max weight. Each competitor will clean the log from the floor to her shoulders and press it to full lockout overhead. There are no mandatory attempts. Only the maximum successful attempt counts and competitors will be ranked in descending order of their maximum successful attempt. Each competitor will have three attempts. Each competitor will have 60 seconds to complete each attempt. Minimum starting weight is 70 pounds for Fun Group, 85 pounds for Advanced group and 105 pounds for Pro-Amateur. Each group will pick attempts in 5 pound increments.

4. Power stairs. Each competitor will pick up the weight and load it onto each of four successively higher platforms at 14, 16, 20 and 24 inches.The weight must be fully on the platform and hands must be off the weight after each lift. Following a successful lift, the competitor will lower the weight to the ground and carry it to the next platform. Time limit is 75 seconds. Competitor will be ranked in ascending order of the time taken to finish all four attempts or in descending order of repetitions for those not completing all four. The final weight does not have to be returned to the ground. Fun Group: 150 pounds; Advanced Group: 185 pounds; Pro-Amateur Group: 220 pounds

5. Wheelbarrow load and carry medley. Each competitor will carry and load all objects in order onto a wheelbarrow 50 feet away. They will bring the loaded wheelbarrow back to the starting line within a maximum of 90 seconds. Plates will be carried one per hand, gripped by the rim. Sandbags and kettlebells may be carried any way. For pro-am group, kettlebells must be carried one per hand simultaneously. Chain may be picked up or dragged. Competitors will be ranked in ascending order of completion time. Those not completing the medley in the allowed time will be ranked in descending order by total distance traveled with wheelbarrow, followed by number of objects loaded and distance carried for each object. Fun Group: One 25 pound plate per hand (50lbs total), a 70lb sandbag, one 32kg kettlebell, a chain.  Advanced Group: One 45 pound plate per hand (90lbs total), a 100 pound sandbag, one 40kg kettlebell, a chain.  Pro-Amateur Group: One 45 pound plate per hand (90lbs total), a 150 pound sandbag, two 40kg kettlebells, a chain

Chalk is allowed for all events but tacky is not allowed for any event.

All entrants will receive a meet T-Shirt. Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner of each division.

Applications will be accepted up until September 5, 2014. In order to receive a t-shirt, all applications must be in by August 15, 2014.

Space is limited to 25 women for the Fun and Advanced division. Space limited to 6 women in Pro-Amateur Group.

My sister Charlotte and I

The entry fee is $50 for all mail in registrations and $53 for all online registrations through PayPal. All profit will benefit the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation for prevention and research. This registration fee is non-refundable.

All contestants will have the option to create a First Giving Page to help raise money for the organization. A link to creating your page can be found here.

Please contact Emily Socolinsky at for details. Make all checks payable to Fivex3 Training LLC.

Please download the registration form by clicking here.

You can register right now and pay online below.  Note that there is a $3 fee for online registration added automatically.

2014 Charm City Strongwoman Registration – $50 plus $3 online registration fee

The FUN group and ADVANCED group are both FULL.  Contact if you want to be placed in a waiting list.


Competitor Information:

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