Now you see me. Now you don’t.

Last November, I wrote the post below about my own experiment with being photoshopped. After seeing Buzz Feeds recent video about photoshopping, I thought it might be a nice time to re-post the article as a reminder that photoshop is not REAL. YOU are real.

Four women were asked by Buzz Feed if they would participate it an experiment. They were asked if Buzz Feed could take pictures of them and then photoshop them into cover models. Their reactions to their photoshopped pictures were spot on. Almost EXACTLY my reaction to my picture when Diego photoshopped me.

Below is the video from Buzz Feed, 2014.



And here is my original post from November 8, 2013.


So, if that could be done with that model, what would I look like photo shopped? My husband, Diego, decided to give it a try and take one of my recent photo shoot pictures  and photoshop me so I would be fitness magazine ready.

Can you tell which picture is the real picture and which is the photo shopped picture?


Photo A – Is it this one???

Photo B – Or this one????











If you guessed photo A, then you are correct. Picture B is the untouched picture. That’s who I am. Can you tell what he photo shopped? My teeth are whiter. My breasts are bigger. He tightened up my abs, smoothed out my skin – no freckles, moles or sweat. He lengthened my waist and made me proportional. He took a couple inches off my hips. Cool, right? But…. that’s not ME.  And you know something, I really like me. I liked me then in August for the photo shoot. I like me now in November, with a little softer look since it is the season to start layering…and baking. 😉

Honestly, I have a hard time looking at the photo shopped picture of me because, well, it’s not me.  It’s a fake Emily. It’s not the real Emily who has freckles and no waist and has a few extra inches on her hips and likes them. It is not the REAL me. The real ME worked very hard for 8 weeks to achieve the look in Photo B. Real work. Real time. Real effort. And I like the real me just FINE. In fact, I like the real me just fine everyday, anyday, abzzzzz or no abzzzzz. 😉

So, the next time you decide to pick up one of those fitness magazines, don’t let the model on the front fool you. It’s her…but it’s not her. You dig?


emilyNow you see me. Now you don’t.

2 Comments on “Now you see me. Now you don’t.”

  1. jan

    Impressive! But, honestly, I like you in A with the B background that’s darkened. It makes you “pop”. Great photo!

    1. emily

      Thanks Jan…..I would rather have the B body and the A darkened background. 😉 I like the fact that I am not proportionally. No waist and all legs. 😉

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