Wouldn’t we all feel great if everyone…

Recently, I read a letter to the editor in The Baltimore Guide about some very basic things that people could do to make life just a little better for themselves and their neighbors. Things like “Actually come to a full stop at stop signs” and “Take their shopping carts back to the store entrance.” I enjoyed this so much that I thought I would write my own”Wouldn’t it be great if” post.

This is my spin on “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would” and instead, titled it “Wouldn’t we all feel great if everyone…”

Wouldn’t we all FEEL great if everyone would:

1. Drink more water.

2. Pass over the Doritos, Cheetos and donuts.

3. Park their cars as far as they could from the front of the store.

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

5. Go to bed earlier and sleep for 8 hours instead of 5.

6. Do their mobility work everyday.

7. Just move more.

8. Eat more vegetables.

9. Get off the elliptical, recumbent bike and the treadmill, and hit the weight room.

10. Learn to pick up heavy things and put them down. 🙂

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