20 Ways to Live a Healthier (and yes, longer) Life

(These are in no particular order…but see if  you can catch the theme)

1. Eat. And eat Healthy.

2. Squat. Deep.

3. Never smoke. If you smoke now, quit.

4. Laugh. A lot.

5. Eat. And choose wisely.

6. Ride a bike to work. If you can’t ride a bike, get a new job so you can. 🙂

7. Take a walk.

8. Think positive. Be positive.


10. Eat. But watch the sugar.

11. Deadlift. Then go home.

12. There is not such a phrase as “I Can’t do……” You CAN and YOU WILL.

13. Do your mobility exercises. Your body will thank  you when you are 70.

14. Take another walk.

15. Eat. And plan your meals.

16. Work on your chin ups.

17. Foam roll. Your body will thank you everyday.

18. Use sunscreen.  Please.

19. Be yourself.

20. Eat. And have a treat.


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