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Group Personal Training Sessions and Personal Coaching

Unlimited monthly membership $160
Unlimited couples monthly membership $255
Drop in fee $20
Private Coaching 60 minute session ** $110 
10 Private Coaching Sessions ** $1000
Private Coaching 60 minute session for two ** $183/session 
10 Private Coaching Sessions for two ** $1550
Starting Strength Clinic $200
Starting Strength Clinic for two $330
Private Coaching once a week $350/month
Private Coaching twice a week $660/month
Private Coaching three times a week $960/month
Private Coaching four times a week $1200/month

Please note the following in regards to membership:

All pre-paid packaged sessions sold must be used within 90 days or be forfeited.

**All individuals who are interested in becoming a member of our Strength Training Program must first work with a Starting Strength Coach for 10 sessions to learn the lifts. Once members have completed their personal training sessions, they will have access to all Strength Training Sessions and Basic Training classes. Please read how to get started as a member under the GETTING STARTED section of our website.

All new members interested in the Basic Training Program can drop in for FREE for their first class. If they wish to sign up as members, it is $160/month. Drop in is $20. 

All members must complete a Recurring Payment Plan Authorization Form when signing up for their coaching sessions. 

If you need to cancel a personal coaching session, please give us 24 hours notice. If you do not give us 24 hours notice, you will forfeit that session. Our coaches are paid for their time and it is unprofessional to cancel the day of your session. Please make sure to give us enough notice ahead of time so you do not lose your session. 

Membership is month to month. If you need to cancel your membership, please give us 2 weeks notice. Effective April 1, 2015, you will be able to suspend your membership up to three months only. For each month you are gone, you will be charged $10/month to maintain your membership in the system. If after three months, you do not return and you have not contacted us, your membership will be deleted. If  you decide to return after your account has been deleted, there is a $25 reinstatement fee.  

Couples membership requires that couples reside at the same home address.

Drop in’s
We do allow drop in’s to our barbell classes and Basic Training classes for those individuals who are already trained in the Starting Strength method (For Strength Session) and those who are familiar with the exercises in our Basic Training Program. Drop in fee is $20.

Please contact us at info@fivex3.com if you would like to drop in on a class.