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Upcoming Events:

Starting Strength Press Camp

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019, 10am-3pm
Location: Fivex3 Training
Cost: $200
Spend the day learning the theory and practice of The Press and The Bench Press with Starting Strength Coaches Emily Socolinsky and Diego Socolinsky. The session will begin with a lecture focused on the basics of each movement and will include a discussion of the anatomy and forces at work in the lifts. We will then move into a practical session with plenty of time under the bar for all the participants. Participants will have an opportunity to put into practice the concepts addressed in the lecture while receiving coaching through their warm up and work sets. Through the entire process, attendees will learn the hallmarks of a properly executed movement and how it should look and feel when it is performed correctly. After the press session, participants will participate on a practical section on the bench press, with focus not only on the movement itself, but also on proper spotting and safety techniques. Following a quick break, we will return for a discussion of programming and how to identify and correct common technical problems. The camp will wrap up with a question and answer session.

Whether you are just starting out with strength training, struggling with the basics of the lift, or looking to polish your technique and understanding of these movements, you will come away with valuable insights and experience to benefit your training. Attendance will be capped at twelve to allow for individualized instruction.

Proper weightlifting shoes are highly recommended. They increase stability, control, and consistency in all of the lifts and should be considered essential equipment if barbell training is a priority. If participants use weightlifting belts, they are encouraged to bring them.

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Kettlebells 101

Date: Mondays and Wednesdays, January 14-February 20, 2019, 6-7pm
Location: Fivex3 Training
Cost: $180 for 12 group classes
Led by StrongFirst Level 2 instructor Gretchen Mester, this is a course designed for beginners: no prior experience required. Each session will challenge your core, back, shoulders, legs, providing you with a full body workout. You will learn the basics of the deadlift, swing (two and one-handed), Turkish getup, squat, clean, press, and more. You will build strength, endurance, and conditioning while honing your skills with the kettlebell. The hour long class will involve mobility/flexibility drills, skill drills, kettelbell complexes/chains, and finishers to help you torch calories!

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Squat, Press and Deadlift Workshop

Date: Sunday, April 7, 2019, 9am-4pm
Location: Fivex3 Training
Cost: $250
Join Fivex3 owners and Starting Strength Coaches Emily and Diego Socolinsky for a day of squatting, pressing and deadlifting. We will begin with a brief lecture on the what, why and how of strength training and discuss the details of the squat, press and deadlift. After the lecture, we will break up into groups to work on the squat. Following the squat will be the practical portion on the press. After a brief lunch break, we will re-group for the practical portion on the deadlift. We will finish up the day with a Q&A to discuss programming, nutrition, etc. Please bring weightlifting shoes and belt if you have them.

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