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Basic Training  (Personal Group Training Program)

This program focuses on building strength, conditioning, mobility and athleticism through a combination of bodyweight and loaded exercises which allows for continuous progression from beginner to advanced. Exercises such as squats, push ups, rows, deadlifts and isometric work such as planks are the backbone of this class. Our Basic Training Program will challenge participants on many levels while always keeping the focus on proper technique.

Strength Training (Starting Strength Barbell Method)

Our barbell strength training program is based on the Starting Strength model.  We cover the foundational barbell lifts: squat, deadlift, press, bench press and power clean.  This program is designed for all levels of strength, as the loading and repetition parameters will be personalized for each participant.  Small sessions allow for individualized attention and coaching.  The primary focus of this program is to develop absolute strength, which will make you better at just about every physical activity, from sports to daily life.  Strength training will increase your bone density, improve your self-confidence, and give you a lean physique.  Check out this video to get an idea of how the class runs (class is co-ed).

Flexibility and Movement (Stretch/Mobility class)

You move through your day, exercise, feel okay, but are you really performing to your potential? By training your body to realize the full range of flexibility it was meant to enjoy, you can improve every aspect of your physical life. This class is designed to give your body a break from the grind and take some time to work out the “kinks” that build up during your day that sometimes prevent you from working or exercising to the best of your ability. In this class, you will stretch what needs to be stretched and strengthen what needs to be strengthened. We will do whatever you need in order to move better, using various tools such as foam rollers, lacrosse balls and resistance bands and a variety of mobility exercises.  Come unglue yourself.

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